Numbers with Decimal Place Value: Battleship Decimals

Decimal place value is the topic of a Battleship themed-interactive. Scholars answer five questions—multiple-choice and true or false—while referencing a grid that acts as the board game. The practice concludes with a discussion question. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Have a game of Battleehsip ready for early finishers to play when time permits 
  • Bookmark the link on classroom technology to make opening the interactive quick and easy 
  • Facilitate a grand conversation to discuss question five 
Classroom Considerations

  • A free account to CK-12 is required to use the interactive 
  • Remind learners to reset the model between questions 

  • The grid has moveable pieces to assist in answering questions
  • Links provide correct answers, hints, and helpful information

  • None
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