Mount Rushmore

This Mount Rushmore worksheet also includes:

How did those faces get on that mountain, and why did they choose those particular presidents? Learn about Mount Rushmore's construction and the history behind the men represented on the mountainside with a short reading passage and set of comprehension questions.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Include in a language arts homework packet
  • Add to a reading comprehension quiz or assessment
  • Have learners complete the activity as a warm-up before class begins
  • Incorporate the resource into your unit on American monuments or presidents
Classroom Considerations
  • You may need to reformat the questions, as they cut off in the wrong place at the page break
  • Font is a little small
  • Comprehension questions address a variety of reading skills
  • Convenient for a social studies and language arts cross-curricular activity
  • Provides an answer key
  • The passage isn't well written; it simplifies information about the presidents and doesn't have a conclusion
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