Modeling a Context from a Verbal Description (part 2)

I got a different answer, are they both correct? While working through modeling problems interpreting graphs, the question of precision is brought into the discussion. Problems are presented in which a precise answer is needed and others in which a rounded solution is just as viable. 

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • Present the class scenarios to challenge learners in the precision of their answers
  • Present different problems and have the class brainstorm solution methods
Classroom Considerations
  • There will be confusion when answers are not the same; allow for the discussion on why they may be all correct
  • Differentiate this lesson by incorporating graphing calculators to graph the functions
  • The ninth in a 10-module resource designed as the last unit in an Algebra I course
  • The lesson is designed in such a way to highlight Math Practices 4 and 6
  • Sample answers are provided for all examples and exercises
  • None