Lesson Plan

Mindfulness Yoga

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Standing pose, tree pose, warrior pose, easy pose. Middle schoolers learn several basic yoga exercises and poses that can help them relax. They also keep a four-week stress log to track stressful situations and how they dealt with them.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Begin each of the remaining lessons in the series with a brief yoga exercise
  • For additional activities, consult the Unit 1 Overview linked in the Included Materials section of this review
Classroom Considerations
  • Sixth of 12 lessons in the Health Smart Unit 1
  • Lessons are cumulative and should be presented in order
  • A membership is required to access the Teen Yoga and Mindfulness video; however, the video is not essential to the lesson
  • The richly detailed lesson includes step-by-step directions and instructional videos that demonstrate the various poses and techniques
  • None