Mid-Module Assessment Task - Algebra 2 (Module 3)

This Mid-Module Assessment Task - Algebra 2 (Module 3) assessment also includes:

The 15th installment of a 35-part module is a mid-module assessment task. Covering concepts in the first half of the module, the task acts as a formative assessment, providing you with valuable information on how learners are doing.

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas

  • Spend a day reviewing before conducting the assessment task
  • Tasks on the assessment are similar to those in the lessons; be sure to have pupils spend time looking back at their notes from previous lessons
Classroom Considerations

  • Requires access to a calculator during the assessment

  • Word version of the assessment task is available for easy editing
  • Includes rubric with descriptors for four levels as well as standard alignments for each part

  • None