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Mapping the Ocean Floor: Bathymetry

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Bathymetry is not a measure of the depths of bathtubs! Through the three lessons, scholars explore two different types of maps and how they are made. The resource focuses on topographic and bathymetric maps and teaching the techniques learners need to create them. In the end, groups create their own maps from data and a 3-D model of the underwater terrain. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • A great activity when learning the layers of the ocean, focusing on the benthic portion, or during a time when studying topographic maps
  • Modeling how to read these maps and potentially the first steps in creating these maps will help learners better understand what to do
Classroom Considerations
  • There are three separate lessons, each one listed as taking two days to complete; some portions may be done as homework or may not take as long as one class period, so the duration may change
  • Part two in a series of 10
  • Activity provides all necessary worksheets and links to complete the lesson
  • Each of the three lessons contain extensions, additional resources, ways to evaluate pupils' progress, and additional information for teachers of deaf students
  • None
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