Life Journey through Autism: An Educator’s Guide to Asperger Syndrome

This Life Journey through Autism: An Educator’s Guide to Asperger Syndrome printable & template also includes:

Whether this the first time you've had a learner with Asperger Syndrome in your class, or you have years of experience with learners on the autism spectrum, a booklet about the best ways to accommodate these kids in the classroom could be essential. It includes background information about Asperger Syndrome, characteristics and classroom challenges, details about difficulties with socialization, cognition, and communication, and a six-step plan to make your classroom a welcoming place.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Distribute the booklet (or relevant pages) to parents whose children have been recently diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome
  • Use the information in the resource to create a presentation for the staff at your school, ensuring that all teachers and employees will be part of your plan for learners on the autism spectrum
Classroom Considerations

  • The resource is almost 100 pages long, but is organized well for better understanding

  • Includes an IEP calendar for your use
  • Information is helpful for special education teachers, as well as mainstream teachers looking to prepare their classroom for learners with special needs
  • Provides reference material and organization names, including the Organization for Autism Research (attached)

  • None