Lesson 8 - Open Syllables

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Just like scholars plug something in to close a circuit, they must plug a consonant onto a word to make closed syllables. Help learners distinguish between open and closed syllables with a series of activities that emphasize open syllables through oral response, letter identification, and dictation.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Draw a picture of an open door and a closed door and have spellers place open syllable words next to the open door
  • Use your hands to make motions for open and closed as readers say the words aloud to help them make a visual and kinesthetic connection
Classroom Considerations

  • List of materials on the first page includes some teachers need to print or gather before the lesson
  • The eighth lesson of 17 in a word recognition series

  • Shares strategies to help monitor learning
  • Offers ways to adapt the lesson for different levels of learners

  • Missing a total time for the lesson
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