Lesson 6 - Vowel-Consonant-E Syllables

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Adding an e sometimes significantly changes the pronunciation of a word. An informative lesson introduces Vowel-Consonant-E syllables by helping learners see the difference between the pronunciation of words like mop and mope. A script helps teachers scaffold instruction, and printable word cards and worksheets provide guided and independent practice opportunities.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Write words with similar VCe patterns on the same color of paper, so learners can associate the color with the sound
  • Include non-examples to help distinguish between different patterns
Classroom Considerations
  • An appendix provides words for use in the lesson
  • Sixth of 17 lessons in the Word Recognition and Fluency series
  • Begins with a daily review that covers previously taught concepts
  • Includes questions to check for understanding
  • Aligns with lower elementary Common Core standards but features upper elementary words
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