Knock'em Downers and Pick'em Uppers

This Knock'em Downers and Pick'em Uppers activity & project also includes:

Set up several cones, pylons, or pins around the gym floor. Split that class into two equal groups. Assign one team as the knock'em downers and the other team as the pick'em uppers. Each team does exactly what their name implies. Knock'em down and pick'em up. No kicking allowed.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Set a timer and whichever team has more knocked down or picked up at the end of time, wins
  • Use a mixture of cones, pylons, and pins for the activity
Classroom Considerations
  • Activity requires cones, bowling pins, or pylons
  • Ensure no one kicks any of the equipment down. If they do break the rules, have a consequence in place
  • Best played in the gymnasium
  • Allows for continuous running, bending over, and crouching
  • None