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Is identity defined by genes, cultural standards, personal feelings, a combination of these, or something else altogether? Scholars learn about the complex topic of identity with a presentation, a game, and with a series of discussions. The third of 12 lessons focuses on the strengths of diversity and acceptance. It highlights understanding that people all have things in common as well as things that are different.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Allow pupils to mark items on their self-identity papers they do not want to share with the class
  • Discuss the problems with binary labels (male/female, straight/gay, etc.) and how much more diverse identities strengthen communities
Classroom Considerations
  • Include the counselor in the discussions in case some students are struggling with identity issues
  • Site is based out of Great Britain and may include content applicable only to GB
  • Handles difficult topics in a positive way
  • Includes extension and differentiation ideas
  • Easily adjusts to fit the needs of students
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