How to Recite a Poem like an Expert

This How to Recite a Poem like an Expert activity & project also includes:

New Review

Don't just read a poem, recite a poem! Add speaking skills to a poetry unit with an activity that promotes successful poem recitation. Scholars choose a poem then recite it with the help of several tips and videos. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Hold a speech contest where pupils recite their poem, use a rubric to grade recitations
  • Create anchor charts that list the activity's helpful tips, display charts for class members to reference while they work
  • Give learners the choice of how they wish to deliver their speech 
Classroom Considerations

  • Kid-friendly language allows pupils to independently follow the activity's plan 
  • The activity's duration includes the time it may take to review the activity and some practice 

  • Offers tips for memorizing and reciting poems 
  • Encourages participants to have fun

  • None