How Far is a Second?

How far is it from your house to the grocery store? If you answered in time rather than distance, there's a scientific explanation. Science scholars compare distance/time quantities in a short, animated video. Topics include time being relative to the measurer and opposite situations where time can be measured in terms of length or distance.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Prior to watching the video, ask students how far it is from their homes to school; keep track of those who answer with time and those who respond with distance
Classroom Considerations

  • A basic knowledge of time, distance, and speed are helpful in viewing the video
  • Consider your location in planning around the resource; learners in rural settings may not have a variety of reference points that they frequently walk or ride a bike to

  • The narrator uses interesting examples of travel and time, such as humpback whale distance, to engage pupils
  • Funny animated sequences keep the class focused and engaged throughout

  • None