Lesson Plan

How Can I Take Care of My Health?

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Life is all about choices, and a healthy life tends to involve a lot of healthy choices. Guide teenagers toward a life full of nutritious food, regular exercise, and responsible decisions with a series of lessons on healthy habits for body and mind.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Connect with a physical education class when discussing healthy eating and exercise habits
  • Have class members keep a journal that documents their healthy choices and not-so-healthy choices over a given period of time
Classroom Considerations
  • Health survey asks for blood pressure numbers; teens are unlikely to know this offhand, so try to borrow a sphygmomanometer for class members to use if possible
  • The classic food pyramid model is outdated and no longe recommended by health professionals; allow class members to try the more updated tool at MyPlate
  • Lesson on depression and suicide requires sensitive discussion and additional resources, as it covers ways to identify suicide triggers in others, but not in oneself
  • Provides thoughtful teachers' notes at the beginning of the resource that remind instructors to be careful not to offend students whose family members may engage in unhealthy activities, or who may participate in these activities themselves
  • Covers several aspects of healthy habits and responsible choices
  • None