Lesson Plan

How Can I Make Good Decisions?

Your entire life can change as a result of one decision—for better or for worse. Guide middle and high schoolers through the process of making decisions and weighing the consequences in the midst of peer pressure and other influences.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use in a health class when beginning on a unit on sexuality
  • Have class members keep a journal of the decisions they make every day, both big and small
Classroom Considerations
  • One scenario involves rape; be sure to provide the proper context for this situation to make it both informative and sensitive 
  • The opening activity includes a condom in the list of materials for the only purpose of embarrassing a student who chooses it, and could be easily replaced with something that would result in less embarrassment
  • The section on anorexia references it as a disease that girls get; explain to your class that while it is not as prevalent for boys, anorexia is not exclusive to girls
  • Brings important topics to class discussion
  • Includes worksheets and handouts for each activity
  • None