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Halloween | All About the Holidays

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This Halloween | All About the Holidays instructional video also includes:

Trick or treat! Discover the history of Halloween with a brief, engaging video. Dating back to ancient Europe, viewers listen as a narrator details the holiday's origins and how current celebrations came to be. Themed word search and discussion questions extend the learning experience. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Discuss question responses in a grand conversation
  • Create a center for class members to visit and watch the video, have headphones available to decrease the noise level 
  • Have word searches printed and readily available for pupils to work on when they finish watching the video 
Classroom Considerations
  • Halloween is October 31st 
  • Take into account participants that do not celebrate the holiday 
  • Graphics and sound effects grab viewers' attention 
  • Other holiday videos are listed
  • Links make downloading the video easily 
  • None