Grade 10 ELA Module 1: Unit 3, Lesson 2

Sometimes a few sensory details can bring you right back to a familiar place. Study the setting descriptions from a key chapter in Amy Tan's A Joy Luck Club, and discuss the ways they enhance the book's plot and contribute to a central theme.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Have pairs or groups illustrate the Chinatown neighborhood according to the description in the book, and compare different maps
  • Describe a place aloud to your class, and prompt them to guess the place you are describing based on details
  • Project the worksheet onto the whiteboard to model evidence collection
Classroom Considerations
  • The unit only focuses on two chapters of the novel; consider having your class read it in its entirety before beginning instruction
  • The second of a 14-lesson unit
  • Provides worksheets and graphic organizers for learners to record evidence and track development
  • Comes with a Quick Write prompt and homework assignment
  • None