Get Me Off This Planet

What do Newton's Laws have to do with getting from Earth to Mars?The activities in this resource show how Newton's Laws work with rockets to get them into space. Background information includes facts about orbits and how orbits are used to get from one planet to another. 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Have the class research Newton's Laws as they pertain to rockets
  • Create an organizer for the vocabulary where the pupils record the definitions in their own words
Classroom Considerations

  • Read the Lesson Background and Concepts for Teachers and be sure you understand the equations so you can better help your pupils
  • Eighth in a 13-part series

  • The online demonstration of firing a cannon ball is a good way for the class to visualize orbits and the force needed
  • There are several levels of assessments

  • Teacher directions are unclear
  • Some of the mathematics in the background information may be too complex for the class