Freeze and Melt

This Freeze and Melt activity & project also includes:

Freeze tag! Have the class spread out around the playing area. Select some players to be freezers and un-freezers. Give freezers a blue ball and un-freezers a red ball. If a runner gets tagged with a blue ball, then they become a frozen statue. To become unfrozen, a player must be tagged with a red ball. Players continue running around playing tag until the game is stopped. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use with large and small classes, in the gym or outside
Classroom Considerations
  • Game requires red and blue foam balls or pool noodles; the number depends on class size
  • Make sure students understand that freezers and un-freezers can't be tagged
  • Ensure safety rules are in place and learners know safe spots to tag their peers
  • Works well as a quick warm-up activity
  • A fun way to play the classic freeze tag game
  • None