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Feedback Loops: How Nature Gets Its Rhythms

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Explore the role of feedback loops in maintaining nature's delicate balance with this short science video. Introducing the concepts of positive and negative feedback, multiple examples are presented that explore the intricate web of relationships that make up the world's ecosystems.

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Instructional Ideas
  • View this video during a life science unit on the interdependency of organisms in ecosystems
  • Extend learning about feedback loops by exploring the ability of individual organisms to maintain homeostasis
  • Have students create visual representations of the feedback loops present in different types of ecosystems
  • Use this resource in your flipped classroom, assigning the video and assessment as homework before holding a class discussion on the role of feedback loops in ecosystems
  • Video engages young scientists using fun animations to depict the concepts being explained by the narrator
  • A short quiz is provided that includes five multiple choice and three free-response questions about feedback loops
  • Teachers are able to create customized lessons based on the content of the video
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