Equation Table Graph

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Your Algebra learners will appreciate this fabulous, two-page printable. The first page has a list of numbers that lead to the learners writing an equation in a cloud that represents these numbers, and then filling in a table, and finally plotting on a graph. The second page has the empty cloud for an equation to be written, a table to fill out, and a coordinate grid ready for learners to graph on. This second page is ready for any list of numbers.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Use these printables as scaffolding and as notes learners keep in a notebook
  • Put learners in groups of three and assign each team member the job of writing the equation, filling in the table, or graphing on the grid. Rotate the jobs so that each member gets to do all three
  • Page two of this printable would make a wonderful assessment of/for learning
  • Printable focuses learners immediately on the important learning task, saving a lot of time
  • Visual aid is simple and sends the message that this is easy
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