Episode 2.2: The Problem

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School's out ... forever? Episode two in a seven-part Global Problem Solvers series follows the team as they touch down in hurricane-ravaged Tampa. After meeting with a local principal and teacher, the group begins to formulate a plan to restore electricity and Internet service to the city.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Host a brainstorming session where the class works together to come up with other solutions to get schools back up and running
  • Challenge small groups to create short presentations about disaster preparedness in their own community
Classroom Considerations

  • Younger learners may need a little more information about the power grid to understand the situation in the video

  • The team does an excellent job of showing the importance of fact-finding when approaching a new problem
  • Funny scenes keep the content from getting overly serious or sad

  • None