Enough Energy? Play the Renew-a-Bead Game

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Pairs simulate the energy usage of different countries by drawing beads from a bag, which contain different beginning ratios of non-renewable and renewable energy resources. The activity concludes with a series of questions to tie the activity back to the concept of the importance of renewable energy.

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CCSS: Designed
NGSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Alter the drawing of the beads so that sixty percent of those drawn are black beads; draw conclusions on how that affects the time to run out of non-renewable energy
  • Research the percentage of renewable energy used in various countries
Classroom Considerations
  • Bags of 100 beads need to be prepared in advance
  • Discuss the idea that selection of energy sources is not random like picking beads
  • Provides a simple modeling of what happens with a non-renewable resource
  • Introduction provides a compelling reason on why it is important to know about non-renewable and renewable energy sources
  • Percent of beads that are in the renewable column on the data collection sheet is confusing
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