End-of-Year Practice Test (Grade 7 ELA/Literacy)

Prepare your pupils for Common Core testing with this practice test. The test includes one fictional text and four informational texts for learners to read and answer questions about. Also included are answer keys, an online version, and other related resources.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Before your class takes the test, have them practice by taking this exam; you can go over the answers together and practice test-taking strategies that apply specifically to Common Core testing
  • The online version is a great option for practice; kids can get out all their questions about how to navigate in an online testing envrionment
Classroom Considerations
  • Depending on your printing capabilities, it may be difficult to print the large-print version
  • Note that some of the questions are in slightly different format in the online version
  • Students can view results for the easy-to-grade questions at the end of the online assessment; they receive scores, not answers, and can print their scores
  • See the materials tab for the supporting materials, such as an answer key for the paper version as well as an online test an answer key
  • The answer keys have specific standards listed by each question so that you can track understanding of certain Common Core standards if desired
  • None