Lesson Plan

David Walker vs. John Day: Two Nineteenth-Century Free Black Men

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What was the most beneficial policy for nineteenth-century African Americans: to stay in the United States and work for freedom, or to immigrate to a new place and build a society elsewhere? Your young historians will construct an argument after close analysis of background information and primary source documents regarding the contrasting views of David Walker and John Day.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Consider identifying words in the primary source documents that your learners might struggle with and have them complete a vocabulary chart for those words prior to beginning the lesson
  • Offer a list of common compare/contrast words that learners can utilize throughout activity discussions
  • Worksheets offer excellent guiding questions to support the comparison of the two primary source documents 
  • Well-designed background information provided, as well as all necessary reading excerpts and activity worksheets
  • Great resource for developing primary source analysis
  • None
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