Computer Color is Broken

Is your smartphone really doing its best work when it comes to color? The narrator describes technology's lazy approach to recreating colors in an insightful video. Science scholars discover how digital cameras store images, and why the colors in the images are poorly translated by tablets, smartphones, and laptop computers.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Show the resource as an opener for an electromagnetic spectrum unit to integrate technology
  • Pose the question: How can we fix this problem? Then, pair pupils to come up with a solution for lazy technology
Classroom Considerations
  • Some learners may need visual examples of the odd colors the narrator describes in the video, so have some available
  • Narrator demonstrates step by step how an incorrect order of operations generates blurred colors and color errors 
  • The video provides many examples of faulty color blending as well as good color blending, allowing individuals to compare and contrast
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