Close Read, Part 1: “Taggot, the Blacksmith’s Daughter”

There would be no luck if it were not for bad luck. Scholars take a close look at the theme of adversity through multiple reads of Taggot, the Blacksmith’s Daughter. They place sticky notes on important details of the story and complete a Themes of Adversity graphic organizer. They then use what they learn and apply it to Mogg, the Villein’s Daughter.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Discuss different types of adversity such as physical, mental, financial, emotional, etc.
Classroom Considerations
  • Installment 4 of 16 consecutive parts in Grade 6 ELA Module 2B Unit 2
  • Uses 10 sticky notes per student
  • Includes a list of vocabulary words to benefit the lesson
  • Relates closely to previous lesson so pupils are familiar with the activities
  • None