Lesson Plan

Citizen Power Makes Democracy Work

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Eric Liu's formula "power plus character equals citizenship" and his three strategies to making change happen model for high schoolers how to develop citizen power, how to get involved and participate to make democracy work. Class members listen to a podcast, watch a short animated film, and then create a visual that represents the essence of a big idea that grabbed them in Lui's presentations.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Save examples of the Color-Symbol-Image strategy to use as models
  • Post class members' collages and conduct a gallery walk
  • Create a listening guide for Liu's 11-minute podcast to keep learners focused
  • Pause the audio frequently to permit listeners to take notes and ask questions
Classroom Considerations
  • Third in a series of eight lessons in the Election 2020 series
  • The Color-symbol-Image project encourages leaners to make a personal connection to the ides
  • The packet includes discussion questions and extensions
  • None