Character Builder

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Characters in a story are more than a name to remember. Use a character builder worksheet to write out a character's appearance, background, personality, attributes, and story relevance, including whether they are a main or minor character in the story.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Use the worksheet in a creative writing lesson for learners to flesh out their characters
  • Include in a book report project
  • Have your class fill out the worksheet after reading a story or novel that features strong characterization
  • Use as a brainstorming template for an essay about a particular character
  • Bring to a back to school activity for learners to fill out about themselves or a partner
Classroom Considerations
  • Readers may need more space to write out their complete answers
  • Straightforward and versatile for any reading or writing lesson
  • A great addition to your mainstream language arts class or for English learners
  • Addresses specific elements of a story, including protagonists and antagonists, character traits, and plot complications
  • None