Lesson Plan

Catching the Sun: Tales from Asia

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Explore the folklore of Asia and the South Pacific with this language arts lesson series. Complementing a reading of Catching the Sun: Tales from Asia by Jan M. Mike, this resource supports learners with understanding cause and effect relationships and identifying the moral or theme in each of the book's four stories. Include this set of lessons in a unit on folktales, providing students exposure to stories from a variety of different cultures around the world.

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CCSS: Adaptable
  • A list of vocabulary words is provided for each story
  • Graphic organizer supports learners with identifying cause and effect relationships
  • Offers vocabulary and writing activities to extend the lesson series
  • Requires a copy of the children's book Catching the Sun: Tales from Asia by Jan M. Mike
  • An additionial worksheet or graphic organizer is required to support students with writing about the moral or theme of each story