Lesson Plan

Breaking the Great League of Peace and Power: The Six Iroquois Nations During and After the American Revolution

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What happens when you can't remain neutral? An informative lesson explores the impact of the American Revolution on the Iroquois Nations. Scholars learn about the six Iroquois nations and their treaty with the newly formed American government following the end of the war. The resource uses primary sources, worksheets, group discussion, and hands-on activities to help budding historians understand how the war divided the Iroquois nations and eventually brought them together in peace. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have pupils draft their own versions of the Canandaigua Treaty 
  • Create a visual board that represents the six Iroquois Nations
Classroom Considerations
  • Younger learners may need additional background information to understand the material 
  • Includes extension activities if time allows
  • Lesson provides a good opportunity to analyze primary sources 
  • None