Beneficial Bug Scavenger Hunt

This Beneficial Bug Scavenger Hunt lesson plan also includes:

Many people think of bugs as annoying pests to be squashed, but most insects and spiders are beneficial, eating the actual pests or pollinating plants. After reviewing some of the common bugs in your area (they may differ from those included in the lesson, which was designed in Kentucky), take your class outside and let them make some observations. Have the kids read over the questions on the research sheet before they go out so they know what to look for in terms of behaviors, locations, and ecosystem interactions. Once they return to the classroom, each pupil selects an insect or spider to describe in detail, then presents the findings to the rest of the group.

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  • Allowing learners to go outside for observations is highly engaging
  • Helps learners gain an appreciation for organisms that are often overlooked or misunderstood
  • Shows firsthand the importance of all creatures in an ecosystem

  • May require teacher to recreate some of the documents, depending on the fauna in your area