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Your class will enjoy this Health Science lesson created by CTE and math teachers from Missouri. Learners make conversions between the apothecary system and metric and US standard measurements used in the healthcare field. The CTE concept studied is medical math (unit conversions). The math concepts include unit conversions, ratios, proportions, and exponents. The blend of math, career, and technology lessons motivates and connects learning for your budding nurses and doctors. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Differentiate instruction by challenging advanced learners to explore metric prefixes, larger than kilo and smaller than milli, and their relative quantities
Classroom Considerations
  • Consider breaking learners up into small groups to rotate through different stations during the lab


  • Medical math pre-test
  • Scripted lesson plan with questioning, solutions and resources embedded
  • Conversion reference sheet
  • Metric staircase reference sheet
  • Formal assessment, health science test
  • Lab demonstration test
  • The lesson plan mistakenly states that the prefix for deka is dk instead of the correct prefix which is da