Atoms to Molecules: Constructing Helium

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Protons and neutrons and electrons, oh my! Physical science scholars get hands-on with interactive atomic modeling. Starting with a simple helium atom, participants create and name ions, then build isotopes. Questions throughout the interactive test their skills and provide feedback along the way.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use the interactive to launch an atom model building project or lab
  • Have students record their answers to questions throughout the resource for an easy-to-grade class assignment
Classroom Considerations
  • Access the interactive by signing up for a free CK-12 account
  • Learners with little knowledge of the atom can use the resource
  • Constructing the atom model helps pupils solidify the location of subatomic particles, their functions, and how isotopes form for different elements
  • The interactive model functions smoothly and can be reset to start the process over
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