"As You Like It" by William Shakespeare

This "As You Like It" by William Shakespeare lesson plan also includes:

Jacque's soliloquy from Act II, scene ii of As You Like It sets the stage for a close reading exercise that models how to approach difficult, dense text and enables readers to practice reading comprehension and analysis skills. Learners are given a copy of the speech formatted into three columns: the first column contains the text and the second vocabulary words, while the third leaves room for notes and observations. Step-by-step directions are included in the teaching guide and an appendix suggests additional activities. The packet would make a strong addition to your curriculum library.

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CCSS: Designed
  • Activities model for learners how to approach challenging text
  • The packet includes scripted directions for teachers and guiding questions for students
  • Column one of exemplar text includes the complete soliloquy, while column two highlights and defines unfamiliar words and phrases
  • Multiple writing prompts and a sample essay are provided
  • None