Unit Plan

Area and Perimeter of Regular and Irregular Polygons

This Area and Perimeter of Regular and Irregular Polygons unit plan also includes:

Extend young mathematicians' understanding of area with a geometry lesson on trapezoids. Building on their prior knowledge of rectangles and triangles, students learn how to calculate the area of trapezoids and other irregular shapes using both both the tiling method and area formulas.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Supplement these lessons into an upper-elementary geometry unit of the area of polygons
  • Display the example problems using a document camera or overhead projector
  • Assign the practice problems as in-class and/or homework exercises
  • Use the assessments as exit cards to monitor student learning at the end of each lesson
Classroom Considerations
  • Note that despite the title, this lesson does not address the concept of perimeter
  • Colorful diagrams clearly demonstrate how to break trapezoids and other irregular polygons into triangles and rectangles
  • Lesson includes multiple examples that demonstrate the concepts being taught
  • Short formative assessments are included with each lesson
  • None