Lesson Plan

An Introduction to Air Quality Research

Viewers are a PowerPoint are exposed to the idea that pollutants are in more than just the air we breathe. the presentation provides information about the layers of the earth's atmosphere and takes a look at the pollutants in the atmosphere, why air quality matters, monitoring technologies, and control technologies. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use Figure Two without the text as a graphic organizer for the pupils to fill in what happens in the various levels of the atmosphere
  • Have the class brainstorm causes of air pollution prior to beginning the presentation
Classroom Considerations
  • The presentation will take the 45 minutes; you need additional time to include the vocabulary, quiz, and to discuss the Connecting to the Big Picture Handout
  • This first part provides the background information for the five associated activities in the series
  • The PowerPoint presentation has notes for teachers that provide information about each slide 
  • All worksheets have answer sheets that accompany them
  • None