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Ancient Egypt | What Everyday Life Was Actually Like Video
Ancient Egypt | What Everyday Life Was...
Women's History Activator: Eleanor Roosevelt Video
Women's History Activator: Eleanor Roosevelt
Volcano Video
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Lesson Planet

Word Recognition and Fluency: Interventions for Upper-Elementary Students With Reading Difficulties

For Students 4th - 6th Standards
Designed for learners with reading difficulties, a 17- lesson collection teaches word recognition skills. Here, lessons one through eight focus on mastering basic sounds and blending sounds in words, while lessons 10-17 develop...
20 Items in Collection
Lesson Planet

Verb Is the Word

For Teachers 2nd - 5th Standards
Action, linking, irregular verbs, subject-verb agreement, and verb tenses are the topics of learning in this collection. Use these resources to support teaching verbs to elementary students through practice worksheets, a learning game,...
28 Items in Collection
Lesson Planet

Homeschooling PreK/Kindergarten Resources

For Parents Pre-K - K Standards
Here are some simple and fun activities to keep your homeschooling/remote learning day structured and kids learning. Some could be printed and stuck on the fridge, while others are interactive online games. There is even a goal-setting...

EngageNY Precalculus and Advanced Topics Curriculum

For Teachers 11th - 12th Standards
A 5-module complete precalculus course begins with young mathematicians exploring linearity, complex number operations as transformation, and the power of the right notation. Module 2 has pupils examining incidence relationships in...

EngageNY Precalculus and Advanced Topics Module 1: Complex Numbers and Transformations

For Teachers 11th - 12th Standards
Prepare your mathematicians for calculus with a collection of 32 lessons that focus on three topics: linearity, complex number operations as transformations, and the power of right notation. Each lesson includes teacher materials...
Lesson Planet

Wide Mouthed Frog Memory or Wide Mouthed Frog Sight Word Game

For Teachers Pre-K - 2nd Standards
How appropriate is playing a game of memory to help children memorize their sight words! Offering fun frog-themed flash cards and instructions for playing two different sight word games, this would make a great addition to the resource...
Lesson Planet

High Frequency Word/Sight Word Game

For Teachers 1st
This game will practice high frequency words and test fluency. Students use a timer to see how many words they know in a one minute time period. They continue to play trying to beat the previous number correct.
Lesson Planet

Word Game!

For Students 3rd Standards
Early finishers beware! Here is a fun word game creative thinkers will really enjoy. They attempt to make as many words as they can using the word transport. Strict rules make this task a real challenge. Tip: Also great to use in a fun...
1 In 1 Collection
Lesson Planet

Sight Words Bingo

For Teachers Pre-K - 2nd Standards
Engage emergent readers in learning their basic sight words with this fun game of bingo. With four simple 3x3 game boards including a total of 32 different sight words, this resource is a must-have for any primary grade teacher.
Lesson Planet

Guide Word Game

For Teachers 3rd - 8th
In pairs, learners describe and use guide words to locate words in a dictionary. This is a timed activity, where points can be earned by completing the goal first. Tip: Have kids look up weird words in the dictionary, and then come up...
1 In 1 Collection
Lesson Planet

Origins: a Simple Word Game (for Use in Human Relations Trainings)

For Teachers 10th
Tenth graders acquire the knowledge, attitude, interpersonal skills to help them understand and respect self and others. They participate in "Origins" as either group participants or judges. For each round, they give the common usage and...
Lesson Planet

Compound Word Pack

For Teachers 2nd - 3rd Standards
Class + room = classroom! And your class + this compound word game = fun and learning! Kids match cards that include words and sometimes images to create compound words. 
Lesson Planet

Memory Word Game

For Teachers K - 1st
Just print and laminate to play this fun adaptation of the game Memory. Little ones flip over high frequency word cards, read them aloud, and keep them if they match. This is a great free choice activity that can also be sent home to...
Lesson Planet

Mini Games

For Teachers 3rd - 10th Standards
You've got a few minutes left at the end of class to practice vocabulary, but what can you do other than call out a word and ask for definitions? Play one of these 12 quick games! Each game is explained in detail and easy to modify for...
1 In 1 Collection
Lesson Planet

Bitsboard - Education, Games, and Flashcards for Learning Reading, Spelling, and more

For Students K - 8th
Learn everything from sight words to French vocabulary with this versatile study app. While the material that comes pre-loaded on the app is mostly based on learning how to read and spell, the app has the potential to be useful for any...
Lesson Planet

Compound Word Trivia

For Teachers 1st - 5th Standards
Teach children how small, simple words can join together to make large compound words with a fun vocabulary game. Working in pairs, students take turns drawing definition cards as they attempt to identify all of the compound words on the...
Lesson Planet

Compound Word Trivia

For Teachers 1st - 4th Standards
Engage young learners in expanding their vocabulary with these fun games and activities. Children learn how compound words, root words, and affixes provide clues about the meaning of unfamiliar vocabulary. These six activities get...
Lesson Planet

Joseph Had a Little Overcoat: Flash Card Games

For Teachers 1st - 3rd Standards
Expand the vocabulary of young readers with this series of five activities based the children's book Joseph Had a Little Overcoat by Simms Taback. From playing bingo to group storytelling, a variety of different approaches are presented...
Lesson Planet

Vocabulary Morphemic Elements: Affix Game

For Teachers 1st - 4th Standards
How well do you know your affixes? Find out how proficient your learners are with a game that requires them not only to define various affixes, but also to use them to create words that they then use in sentences.
Lesson Planet

Word Games

For Teachers 3rd - 12th
Want to build your class' vocabulary through a fun learning game? In this activity learners explore new words and their meanings and usages using Word Attack 3 computer software. They unscramble words, develop vocabulary words, navigate...
1 In 1 Collection
Lesson Planet

Lesson 13 - Multisyllabic Word Reading

For Teachers 3rd - 6th Standards
One- and two-syllable words may flow from the tongue with ease, but longer words, such as department and volcano, feel like tongue twisters. Scaffolded instruction explains how to break words into their individual syllables, and then...
Lesson Planet

Swat a Word!

For Teachers K - 2nd
Grab your fly swatter! Play a fun game to help readers find words and locate them on a chart using a fly swatter. They will identify sight words and practice reading them while participating in a game using a fly swatter, chart paper,...
Lesson Planet

Real-life Word Problems, Part 5

For Students 2nd - 4th Standards
Bring these four word problems to your second grade class to reinforce addition, subtraction, and money math. The problems provide space to write out the proper equations, as well as separate areas to fill in the answers. Use these...
Lesson Planet

Song: Silly Sounding Words

For Teachers Pre-K - K
Sesame Street characters celebrate words. They list some of their favorite silly sounding words including tweezers, snorkel, flapjack, smudge, and aardvark. Children could then list their own favorite words. It's a great way to make...

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