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Lesson Planet

¿Qué hora es?

For Students 6th - 8th
Use this resource to quiz your language learners on telling time. Two exercises are provided; the first one asks quiz takers to use the digital time to write out the time in Spanish. The second exercise is the exact opposite: learners...
Lesson Planet

Kinesthetic Astronomy: Birthday Stars

For Teachers 3rd - 8th Standards
Space explorers take a virtual trip around the sun right within your classroom! They stand in a circle facing away from the "sun" (a lamp) in the center of the room. As they move according to your instructions, they view different...
Lesson Planet

Folk and Fairy Tale Readers: The Elves and the Shoemaker

For Teachers Pre-K - 3rd Standards
Engage young readers in a unit on fairy tales with their very own copy of the classic story "The Elves and the Shoemaker." Including dialogue, three-syllable words, and up to five lines of text on a page, this printable book is best...
Lesson Planet

Voices of the Revolution: Challenge Activities (Theme 3)

For Teachers 5th Standards
Paul Revere, Mercy Otis Warren, James Forten, Henry Knox. The voices of the American Revolution come alive in this enrichment packet designed to challenge learners who have mastered the basic concepts in the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt...
Lesson Planet

Negative Numbers

For Students 5th - 7th Standards
Eight independent learning exercise pages challenge scholars to solve 12 problems that focus on negative numbers in the context of temperature in degrees of celsius. 
1 In 1 Collection
Lesson Planet

Happy New Year!

For Students 2nd Standards
From fireworks to costumes to dancing and watching a ball drop, the New Year is celebrated in different ways around the world. After reading a three-page passage on different countries' New Year traditions, pupils respond to 10 questions...
Lesson Planet

The Ritual Fire Dance

For Students 7th - 8th
This worksheet about "The Ritual Fire Dance" by Manuel de Falla, provides information on the musician, his music, and the dance. It includes 9 questions about the reading in addition to 5 questions about the instruments important in the...
Lesson Planet

Build What I've Created

For Teachers 3rd - 5th
n this geometric lesson, students define and identify two dimensional shapes based on their attributes. They complete worksheets based on the geometric concepts.
Lesson Planet

Who Wants to be a Millionaire: Solar System

For Teachers 4th - 5th
Fourth and fifth graders will love showing what they know about the planets and our solar system. This game is fashioned after "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" and has the class work through fifteen different solar system related...
Lesson Planet

Nov. 8, 1960 | Kennedy Is Elected President

For Students 9th - 12th
Using the presidential election of 1960 as background information, learners consider the push of electoral reform. They read about the events and issues surrounding President Kennedy's win in 1960 and compare them to the same issues...
Lesson Planet

What Time Should Black Friday Sales Start?

For Students 9th - 12th
Young bloggers respond to an article which describes the controversy of Black Friday starting on Thanksgiving night instead of the day after. Target employees were outraged that the store decided to open on Thanksgiving night, which...
Lesson Planet

Correcting Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers - PDF documents

For Students 7th Standards
Avoid dangling and misplaced modifiers with a thorough series of review activities. Middle schoolers identify modifiers in sentences and label them as either dangling or misplaced. Some activities prompt them to finish sentences or to...
Lesson Planet

Vocabulary Cards 2nd Grade A-L

For Teachers 1st - 3rd Standards
Use a set of math vocabulary cards to enrich your second graders' knowledge. Whether you bring the cards to a math center or put them on a word wall, this resource will help even your struggling math learners with basic definitions and...
Lesson Planet

The Verb Tenses

For Students 4th - 8th
Imagine 36 pages of verb tense exercises. Although designed for English language learners, the worksheets in this packet would provide lots of opportunities for grammarians to progressively perfect simple past, present, and future...
Lesson Planet

Visual Clues

For Students 4th - 8th Standards
Whether you realize it or not, reading an image and reading a text require similar skills, including the ability to make inferences. For this simple worksheet, children look at a picture of a snowy winter day and answer a series of...
Lesson Planet

Confetti Crush

For Students 6th - 8th
In the first part of a middle school assessment task, learners analyze a given statement about the amount of confetti revelers throw at Times Square on New Year's Eve. The second part of the task requires learners to identify objects...
Lesson Planet

Clay Wipe Away: Ceramics

For Teachers 9th - 12th
Discuss Pre-Colombian South American art with your class, then get out the clay and create some. Pupils practice using the wipe-away technique to create a ceramic tile similar to those made by the Maya. Great web links and a...
Lesson Planet

Family Traditions, Customs and Beliefs

For Teachers 3rd - 8th
Learners discuss African childhood, explore family traditions, customs, and beliefs, examine African recipes, discuss differences or similarities in food preparation between the U.S. and Africa, and prepare a dish with adult supervision.
Lesson Planet

We Must Not Be Enemies: Lincoln's First Inaugural Address

For Teachers 3rd - 5th
Students complete a unit of lessons on the historical context and significance of Lincoln's inaugural address. They analyze archival documents, campaign posters, historical photographs, and primary source documents, and listen to songs...
Lesson Planet

Fahrenheit 451 Vocabulary Part One

For Teachers 7th - 10th
In this vocabulary worksheet, students generate definitions for words using sentence context. Worksheet includes 8 vocabulary words from part one of the novel. After deciding on definitions based on context, students look up words in the...
Lesson Planet

Vocabulary Practice with Present Tense Verbs

For Students 3rd - 4th
Learners determine the meaning of vocabulary in each of eight sentences and select from three possible sentences that have the same meaning expressed differently. A rigorous way to practice vocabulary; more thought is needed than if you...
Lesson Planet

Poetry Reading and Analysis Worksheet: The Raven

For Students 6th - 10th
"Quoth the Raven, Nevermore!" Analyze Edgar Allen Poe's quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore with this poetry analysis activity. After reading "The Raven" in the first few pages of the handout, learners choose six lines to...
Lesson Planet

Test Review Sheet: Poems and Sentence Variety

For Students 7th - 9th
Thoroughly reviewing the concepts of poetic structure, clauses, sentence types, and phrases, this worksheet would be a great tool for a class in the middle of a poetry and/or grammar unit. Though some of the questions on poetry are...
Lesson Planet

Boston Massacre

For Teachers 4th - 6th
Explore U.S. history by reading an assigned historical text in class. Novice researchers utilize the Internet to find facts of the massacre and view images regarding the fighting and violence. They write a paragraph defending their own...

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