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Geometric Figures

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Logical thinking is at the forefront of this jam-packed lesson, with young mathematicians not only investigating geometric concepts but also how they "know what they know". Through each activity and worksheet, learners wrestle with fundamental geometric properties (how do we know lines are parallel? What is the center of a triangle?), furthering both their geometric intuition and their explicit knowledge of those properties. Two-column, diagram, and narrative proofs are all introduced and used extensively; learners also get valuable practice doing measurements and geometric constructions.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Could be linked with history by asking for research on different types of geometries based on different initial assumptions, or famous geometers and their proofs.
Classroom Considerations
  • Activities are highly dependent on one another, referencing notes and conclusions from previous work (considerations for student absences)
  • Color copying or coding required for certain pages to preserve information about triangle angles
  • Dense reading passages on student worksheets might require greater instructional support
  • Exceptionally thorough and detailed activities, teacher notes, and worksheets
  • Students are led to consider underlying concepts, not just memorize patterns
  • Traditionally complicated concepts of mathematical reasoning  and proofs broken into manageable and intuitive discovery lessons
  • No teacher keys for student worksheets
  • No final summative assessment provided
  • Broken link on the bottom of page 6 (http://geogebracentral.blogspot.com/2011/01/triangle‐angle‐sum‐proof.html)