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Lesson Planet

Two-Step Equations

For Students 7th - 11th
Sal adds a few more steps to these problems as he solves algebraic equations with two steps - though he states that "there's more than one way to do it." Those who become confused by increasingly complicated algebra problems on a test...
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Graphing Quadratic Equations with a Coefficient of One

For Teachers 9th - 12th
This is a teacher page for a lesson and does not include any materials to support the lesson. Students graph quadratic equations with a coefficient of one and create a table of values to graph a quadratic equation. They plot the values...
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How Do You Write an Equation of a Line in Point-Slope Form and Standard Form If You Have Two Points?

For Teachers 6th - 12th
There are a lot of steps in this problem. But just like walking up a flight of stairs, you should take one step at a time, so too in the solving of this problem. The instructor explains each step and what to do to move to the next one.
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One Step Equations

For Students 7th - 11th
Stating that "the fun thing about algebra is that you can always check your answer," Sal demonstrates the simplest ways to solve several algebraic equations. He specifies that viewers should focus on the steps he's taking and why he's...
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For Teachers 6th Standards
Bring balance to your lesson plans with an activity that asks individuals to solve one-step linear equations with inverse operations. Balance scales help learners understand the concept of isolating the variable.
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Relating Moles to Coefficients of a Chemical Equation

For Teachers 9th - 12th
Students investigate the coefficients in a chemical equation and their relation to moles. In this moles and coefficients lesson plan, students perform a single replacement reaction of copper (II) sulfate and zinc and find the ratio of...
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Factoring: Three Terms

For Teachers 9th - 10th
In this factoring worksheet, young scholars factor equations containing three terms. This one-page worksheet contains 18 problems, with answers.
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Intro to Polynomials in Two Variables (Example)

For Students 8th - 11th Standards
How do you organize polynomials? The presenter in a short video shows how to find the degree and coefficient of the terms of a polynomial that contains more than one variable. Scholars use that information to find the leading coefficient...
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The Correlation Coefficient

For Teachers 8th - 10th
Middle and high schoolers investigate the meaning of the correlation coefficient.  For this meaning of the correlation coefficient lesson, pupils construct scatter plots of data that have positive and negative correlations. They guess...
1 In 1 Collection 10:11
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Factoring Trinomials by Using the Punnett Square

For Teachers 9th - 12th Standards
Factoring is one of the first places in math that a young algebrist runs into multiple ways to work a problem. For the more concrete learner who needs a visual structure for problem solving, this presentation of factoring using a Punnett...
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Solving Linear Equations in One Variable

For Students 7th - 10th Standards
Multiple-step problems don't have to equal tough problems. This worksheet provides a list of steps needed to go through multi-step equations that include combining like terms and distributing. With ten problems total, your learners will...
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Solving Inequalities

For Teachers 8th - 9th Standards
Cooperative algebra learners swim from the opening pool problem through inequality-infested waters and into life-altering decisions all within one class period. Modeling a pool scenario with an inequality in one variable opens this...
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Creating Linear Equations in One Variable

For Teachers 9th - 10th Standards
The example of two travelers meeting somewhere along the road has been a stereotypical joke about algebra as long as algebra has existed. Here in this detailed presentation, this old trope gets a careful and approachable treatment....
Lesson Planet

Section 2.1 & 2.2 Solving Equations

For Students 7th - 10th
This two page instructional activity contains 32 problems to solve. There are examples given for each set of problems. The first set is to work on adding or subtracting a term to get the variable by itself. The second set is about...
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Derivation of the Quadratic Formula

For Students 9th - 11th Standards
What connection does the quadratic formula have with a quadratic equation? Using a matching activity, pupils construct the algebraic derivation of the quadratic formula in this Algebra II lesson task. The task provides two variations of...
1 In 1 Collection

Classification of Solutions

For Teachers 8th Standards
Is there one, none, or more? Through discussion or activity, scholars find the properties of an equation that will determine the number of solutions. They then use the properties discovered to figure out the number of solutions for a...
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Difference Between Two Squares

For Students 6th - 12th Standards
Square away your knowledge of factoring. Pupils review how to factor the difference of two squares. They do so by watching an instructional video that covers a few examples and by completing a worksheet.
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Chapter 6 - Objective 1.1 Exponential Notation

For Students 9th - 11th
For this exponential notation worksheet, students multiply and divide variables containing exponents. This one-page worksheet contains ten problems.
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Capstone Performance Task

For Teachers 8th - 10th Standards
One skill is sure to make young entrepreneurs successful: maximizing profit. Assess learning of relationships between quantities and reasoning using equations. A businessman sells two sizes of boomerangs for different prices, and...
Lesson Planet

Terms coefficients and exponents in a polynomial

For Students 7th - 9th
Use this video to build mathematical vocabulary through practical application. Sal breaks down the parts of a polynomial expression, identifying the coefficient and exponents while he defines them.

Interpreting Correlation

For Teachers 9th - 10th Standards
Is 0.56 stronger than -0.78? Interpret the correlation coefficient as the strength and direction of a linear relationship between two variables. An algebra lesson introduces the correlation coefficient by estimating and then calculating it.

Advanced Factoring Strategies for Quadratic Expressions (part 1)

For Students 9th - 10th Standards
Factoring doesn't have to be intimidating. Build on prior knowledge of multiplying binomials and factoring simple trinomials to teach advanced factoring of quadratic expressions with a lesson that uses various methods of exploring the...
Lesson Planet

What's a Coefficient?

For Teachers 8th - 9th
All variables have a coefficient. Integers, decimals, and fractions can represent coefficients, positive or negative. And there are times there is no written coefficient which means it's really just 1. This short video demonstrates and...
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Chapter 2 - Objective 2.1 Polynomials

For Students 9th - 10th
In this polynomial worksheet, students use the distributive property to multiply polynomials. This one-page worksheet contains ten problems.