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11 resources with the concept comparing lengths

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Defining Gravity
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Population Genetics
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The Secret World of Animal Sleep 101...
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Lesson Planet

Comparing Growth, Variation 2

For Students 4th Standards
A twist on the first variation of the growth task, this task poses an argument on two explanations of which snake grew more, based on the idea that two is a larger part of six rather than 10.
Lesson Planet

Comparing Growth, Variation 1

For Students 4th Standards
Young mathematicians compare the growth of two snake lengths in feet over one year in a straightforward word-problem task.
Lesson Planet

Three of a Kind

For Teachers 6th - 9th
One is chance, two is a coincidence, three's a pattern. Scholars must determine similarities and differences of a regular hexagon undergoing dilation. They look at lengths, angles, areas, and symmetry.
Lesson Planet

Which is Bigger?

For Teachers 6th - 7th Standards
To take the longest path, go around—or was that go over? Class members measure scale drawings of a cylindrical vase to find the height and diameter. They calculate the actual height and circumference and determine which is larger.  
Lesson Planet

King of Math Junior

For Students K - 6th Standards
Do your students have what it takes to be the king of math? Find out with this fun skills practice game that covers a wide range of topics from counting and basic operations to measurement and fractions.
Lesson Planet

Height Museum

For Teachers K - 2nd
Here is an engaging lesson which invites learners to cut a strip of adding machine tape that is their height. They decorate their strip, arrange the strips from shortest to longest, and then discuss predictions.
Lesson Planet

Long and Short

For Students Pre-K - K Standards
Youngsters examine four sets of familiar images, circling the one that is short and underlining the one that is long. This is likely best done 1:1 with kids or as a big class, projecting the image for everyone to see.
Lesson Planet

Measure the Length in Meters

For Students 1st - 3rd
Which is longer? Learners explore measurement through 10 object comparisons. They measure each object against a row of squares, each square representing one meter. Although the directions simply ask which item is larger, encourage kids...
Lesson Planet

Measuring to the Nearest Foot

For Teachers 2nd
Second graders measure and record the length of five different objects around the room. They watch as the teacher measures items using a ruler. A ruler is a foot long. Everyone listens and watches as the teacher continues to teach that a...
Lesson Planet

MUD-A Walk

For Teachers 2nd - 4th
Students investigate their tracks to determine the number of footsteps it takes to travel the entire length of their bodies. Then they determine the taller of two children and the shorter of two children with their tracks. Students also...
Lesson Planet

Compare and Order Length - Reteaching

For Students 1st
In this comparing and ordering worksheet, 1st graders stand next to an object and decide if it is taller or shorter than them. They circle the correct answer in 4 questions.