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Sometimes your quotients are more rational than your students, especially when they are trying to understand the concept of rational number. It might help to start with this video answering the question: What Is a Rational Number? Once they get the idea, you can move on by talking about the intricacies of rational numbers and reinforcing the lesson with another video, this one on the Addition of Rational Numbers.

The best way to for budding mathematicians to master this algebra concept is to offer plenty of practice. Assign or hand out this worksheet where students Compare and Order Rational Numbers. Or, cover Common Core skills and a game at the same time with a Suduku-like activity that provides practice, reinforcement, and maybe even a little bit of fun. If you’re covering rational numbers in Algebra I, Algebra, or your general math class, capitalize on the humorous fact that rational numbers don’t seem all that rational when they are first introduced. Extend your lesson by Assessing Behaviors Using Rational Numbers.

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Rational Numbers