Tales from California’s Channel Islands: Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island

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The Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island documents the story of Juana Maria, who spent 18 years alone on the most remote island of the Channel Islands chain. After watching West of the West's documentary and reading two print resources, scholars identify historically accurate information and information that is not in Scott O'Dell's novel, Island of the Blue Dolphins, inspired by Juana Maria's story. In addition, they make necessities out of natural materials found on an island. Class members also consider several essential questions: Should researchers have permission to excavate, examine, and remove Native American artifacts from historic sites? Should companies be permitted to build on sacred Native American land? After reading op-ed pieces about the controversies surrounding the removal of artifacts from San Nicolas Island and the building of the Dakota Access pipeline, learners craft an op-ed piece in which they present their stance on the questions.

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