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Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island

The Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island documents the story of Juana Maria (the name given her by the padres of the Santa Barbara mission) who spent 18 years alone on the most remote island of the Channel Islands chain.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Begin the series with West of the West's, Tales from California's Channel Islands video that establishes the context for The Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island documentary
  • Use the video as part of a study of Scott O'Dell's novel Island of the Blue Dolphins and/or of a study of California history
Classroom Considerations
  • The documentary does not discuss the controversy over the removal of artifacts from the island
  • The video provides the context for a series of lessons designed for different grade levels
  • The documentary combines vintage film, photographs, interviews, historical accounts, passages from O'Dell's novel, and illustrations
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