Common Core Algebra 1, Unit 7: Exponential Functions

Collector: Ann V.

The three lessons in the Exponential Functions Unit cover exponential growth, exponential decay, and linear vs. exponential. In the first lesson, learners watch a quick review on function notation as they prepare to learn more about exponential growth. Using their knowledge from sequences, pupils find out whether a function is linear or exponential and find values for the function to sketch a graph. They finish out the lesson by working with percent increase problems to find the equation or the percent of the increase. The second video contrasts exponential decay with exponential growth from the first lesson in the unit. Scholars identify exponential functions that are decaying and create graphs of them. They build upon their knowledge of percent increase problems to work percent decrease items that also include word problems. The final video compares situations that may be modeled by either a linear or exponential relationship. Pupils determine the type of relationship and then create a function that models the situation. They also learn about specific exponential applications, doubling time and half-life. Each resource includes problems to practice the newly learned skills. For the unit review, learners identify the type of function for given equations, such as exponential growth, decay, or linear. Pupils write the correct function for situations and then use the given information to create a function to model the situation. Finally, individuals solve problems dealing with exponential growth and decay.

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