Your Microbiome: The Invisible Creatures That Keep You Alive!

Humans are born without any bacteria, yet have acquired the majority of the microbiome expected for adulthood by the age of three. A biology video introduces the human microbiome, and describes when the microbiome begins developing, how it helps us, and the microbiomes of other animals.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Research the number of microbes on the average human
Classroom Considerations

  • Content concludes after less than 5:30 minutes and the remaining video is an advertisement for the sponsor
  • Consider the maturity of pupils, as the video discusses various birth methods and infant feeding methods in humans

  • Offers a long list of references for those wishing to learn more
  • Includes closed captioning in nine languages for the hearing impaired
  • Connects biology, chemistry, life science, wellness, and human development

  • None