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Yesterday: Our Energy Needs Over Time

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This Yesterday: Our Energy Needs Over Time lesson plan also includes:

How has our relationship to energy changed over time? An engaging exploration challenges learners to create a timeline showing human energy needs and uses over time. Scholars review what timelines are, choose a 50-year period in history to explore, select one event, and determine how social studies and science supported and impacted each other during this event. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Have a model of what their timelines should look like for classes to reference
Classroom Considerations
  • The History of Energy link needed for the engage portion does not work; teachers need to find another website
  • Collect resources needed for the elaborate portion of the activity
  • Great cross-curricular activity, showing the importance of history even in science class
  • Lesson is simple and easy to incorporate into a unit on energy
  • None
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