Writing with Wow Words and Building Vocabulary

This Writing with Wow Words and Building Vocabulary organizer also includes:

There are some words out there that just make you say, "Wow!" Encourage your class to find and use these words in their writing to make their work more interesting and complex. This packet goes through the writing process, beginning with story starters and storyboarding, and then goes into wow words. Learners revise their work and practice making their language extra powerful and effective.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Build a narrative or story writing unit around these materials; it includes everything you need for each step of the way
  • Pick and choose a few pieces that appeal to you; you might, for example, choose one of the precise verbs exercises for a warm-up activity and start out a few classes with the story starters
Classroom Considerations
  • Since, in some cases, there are multiple graphic organizers that cover a topic, you might want to pick one that you like best
  • Includes pages of story starters and activity ideas to help learners to get started with writing and to improve their work
  • Provides plenty of graphic organizers and worksheets for planning stories and practicing writing
  • Incorporates peer editing and self-reflection activities
  • None