Lesson Plan

World War II through the Radio Waves

This World War II through the Radio Waves lesson plan also includes:

Young historians channel the very medium used to convey news during World War I. They create and present a five-minute radio broadcast on a particular topic from the war, such as the roles of African Americans and women, war bonds, or music.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Develop a list of additional topics that learners can research, or have them individually develop inquiry questions that could be used as a project or writing focus
  • Don't miss the culminating activity suggestion to host an evening event where family and community members can listen to the broadcasts created by your class
Classroom Considerations
  • Some documents are specifically designed for North Carolina schools, but can easily be adapted for other states
  • Prepare technological resources or personnel that can support process
  • Assignment handout and lesson images included
  • Very engaging assignment that includes several elements of project-based learning 
  • A few of the suggested links to WWII radio recordings are broken, but you can easily search for alternative onilne resources